Online booking

Offer your customers a convenient way to book appointments with you.

Simple, easy booking.

We made the booking process really intuitive for your customers.

Easy to find services

One of the first things a customer will see on your website is a neat list of the services that you offer. Once they find what they need, they just click on it & they're taken to the booking page.

Open slots only

Customers can only book for dates that haven't been booked by someone else. You can disable this if you prefer.

Autofill customer information

When a customer books with you for the first time, their information is automatically saved on-device for faster future booking.

Notifications for you & them

When a customer books an appointment, you'll both get notifications confirming it.

No-shows suck. Let's reduce those.

We'll remind your customers one hour before their appointment starts by email & text message.

Appointment confirmation

We'll send your customer an email & text message confirming their appointment date.

Appointment reminders

We'll also remind them one hour before the appointment starts, so that they can be prepared.

Reschedule appointments

You or the customer can't make it? No worries, just reschedule in the Vestra app. They'll get a notification for the new date.

Require prepayment

You may optionally require that the customers pays for their entire appointment upfront, so that they're less likely to not show up.

Still didn't show up? No worries, you're covered.

We hate wasted time too, so here's how we help with that.

Charge no-show fees

You may optionally require card information so that you can charge a no-show fee if you need to. The customer must agree to this before booking.

Remember missed appointments

We'll automatically log the no-show in the customer's profile in your Vestra account. This way you can decide if you'll trust them for future appointments.

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