Send invoices, process payments in person, & even set no-show fees on appointments.

Fast, secure payments.

We've partnered up with Stripe, the leader in online payment processing. You'll create an account with Stripe directly to process payments with us.

Instant payouts

Once you're eligible, Stripe will give you access to instant payouts.

Competitive fees

Stripe offers low processing fees. Check out their pricing page.

You're in full control

Control every aspect of your incoming payments. Get access to more tools like Stripe Radar, which helps you fight fraud. Or even Stripe Capital business financing.

Sophisticated invoices.

Give your customers confidence & peace of mind when paying your invoices.

Apple Pay & Google Pay integrated

Your invoices will automatically display Apple Pay or Google Pay buttons, to give your customers the convenience of not having to input their entire card information.

Notifications for you & them

When you create an invoice, we'll send your customer SMS & email notifications. You'll also get notified when it gets paid.

Branded by you

Your invoices display your business information. It's also hosted on the same domain as your website.

Take payments, wherever you are.

Sometimes you need to take payments on the spot, we got you on that too.

Signature required

When charging cards in person, we require a signature from your customer to protect you against fraud & disputes.

Safe & secure

Credit card numbers are sent directly to Stripe. They never even touch our servers.

Saved to customer profile

Every in-person charge will be remembered & saved to your customer's profile for future reference.

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